About the photographer

                                                                  Karen Kurkjian



MaineScapes: Capturing the natural beauty of Maine and beyond


Karen is a quintessential early bird, a serendipitous by-product of her many years in the medical field. Originally a time dedicated to cycling, she gradually found herself inspired to photograph scenes from the magic hours of dawn and dusk: apparently getting slower with age does come with an upside! Karen endeavors to capture that perfect moment of beauty; be it of timeless classic images or more unusual and fleeting sights, and is enamored by the phases of the moon. By sharing her unique view of the often overlooked natural wonder that surrounds us, Karen hopes to make an impact on how we see the world, and are changed by it, daily.

When not on her bike or behind the camera, Karen can be found enjoying Nordic skiing with her husband John, scouring the marsh for birds, or preserving the summer’s bounty from the garden.

The photography of Karen Kurkjian has been displayed at Thomas Memorial Library and The Local Buzz in Cape Elizabeth, and at Edna and Lucy's Cafe in Pownal.